Date & Time

Tuesday, September 24, 2024, 2:30 PM - 3:15 PM MDT 


Everyone checks their social media analytics, but can you turn those numbers into real Michelin stars? For accounts like college admissions with predictable cycles, past results are your secret ingredient. By digging into the past year's data, you can discover your peak post types and content types that truly serve your audience. This insider information allows you to craft content like a top chef for the coming year, ensuring your message hits the spot every time.

The University of Iowa used this strategy on our Admissions Instagram with incredible results. By finding the types of posts the algorithm loved and that sparked genuine connections with our followers, we were able to build an engaged online community with a 6.9% increase in follower growth rate over the past year.

This session is all about turning your data into powerful recipes. Learn how to gather and understand key metrics and, most importantly, transform those numbers into action. Discover how to reach new audiences, ignite engagement and build a thriving social community. Eat and leave no crumbs.

Strategy, content and social media (SCS)
Intended audience
data/analytics, social media
in person, online
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Ballroom A