Date & Time

Monday, September 23, 2024, 8:30 AM - 9:15 AM MDT 


"Strategic plans" often get a bad rap for being daunting, messy or overwhelming — especially in higher ed where there are many moving (and often decentralized) parts. It can be challenging to apply high-level plans to day-to-day work, determine whether a team or project is strategically aligned or know when it's time to change course.

The good news is that strategy can be planned (and executed!) at any time, by anyone, with or without a formal process or document. In this session, we'll ditch the complicated stuff and practice strategic thinking using a series of five questions. You will leave with ideas for applying a strategic lens to your work that will help you stay on track.

Management, teams and leadership (MTL)
Intended audience
data/analytics, management/​teams, marketing/​communications
in person, online
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Ballroom B