Date & Time

Monday, September 23, 2024, 9:30 AM - 10:15 AM MDT 


Every year we're asked to "do more with less" while budgets continue to shrink. As a development team, how do we continue to manage all our responsibilities while taking on even more? Automation.

While developers understand how helpful automated testing can be, getting started can be overwhelming. Unit testing, performance testing, integration testing, component testing, smoke tests, linting, regression testing, end-to-end testing, etc. Which one(s) do you need? Which one should you start with? How do they differ? Finding time to learn and research them all, let alone designing tests tailored to specific needs, can be daunting.

In this presentation, attendees will gain insight into the benefits of automated testing, and the different types of automated testing that are available. We'll cover available options for each type, which ones are applicable for a given situation and which ones are good candidates to start with. We'll discuss strategies for integrating automated testing into existing workflows, as well as the common challenges and pitfalls in automated testing.

Hot topics in higher ed (HTHE)
Intended audience
front-end development, governance, programming, UX/UI
in person, online
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Ballroom C