Brooke Buchanan



Brooke Buchanan is an accomplished integrated marketing specialist with a passion for higher education and community development. Holding a B.A.S. in strategic communication from WVU Parkersburg and master's in integrated marketing communication from West Virginia University, Brooke brings a wealth of expertise to her role. As the supervisor for interns, she not only oversees their development but also ensures their integration into strategic marketing initiatives.

Beyond her professional responsibilities, Brooke serves as the marketing liaison for the WVU at Parkersburg Foundation, where she champions fundraising efforts and fosters strategic partnerships to support underserved students. Her dedication to community college education is evident in her active involvement in initiatives aimed at providing opportunities to those in need.

Brooke's journey in education and marketing is marked by notable achievements, including successful campaign strategies and impactful relationship building within both the college and the broader community.

Outside of her career pursuits, Brooke finds joy in her role as a cat mom to Tangerine, Geraldine and Audie. Residing in Parkersburg, Brooke embraces the values of inclusiveness, education and community, embodying a commitment to making a meaningful impact wherever she goes.