Date & Time

Tuesday, October 11, 2022, 1:45 PM - 2:30 PM CDT 


At the conclusion of Iowa’s multi-year brand research initiative, they were all set: they had a logo, brand identity, resources for writing in the brand voice…but they realized they couldn’t launch their new brand identity without redoing the front door to the university: Last updated a decade previously, the new website needed to shift gears in a hurry and launch an entirely new and on-brand experience in mere months. Learn how Iowa approached this “impossible” timeline, defied vendor predictions and rethought how they understood and approached the web. We’ll share how we approached the work, by including organizational change(s), agile transformation, and the shift from a custom cost-recovery website-building team to a cross-functional team developing a brand-by-default “free” site-building platform for campus use. Attend this session if you’re at the intersection of a fragmented brand experience across your web ecosystem, lack alignment between IT and marketing mandates, and want to learn how one university defied the odds and did the impossible.

Strategy, content and social media (SCS)
Intended audience
content management systems, content strategy, governance, management/​teams, marketing/​communications, redesigns
in person, online
Location Name
Convention Center — Wally Allen Ballroom AE