Date & Time

Monday, October 10, 2022, 8:30 AM - 9:15 AM CDT 


Have you ever written some HTML and CSS, opened your web browser, saw that your HTML “worked for you”, and then published your changes and moved on? This is an approach that most developers have taken at one point, before realizing that presentation focused HTML only serves visual consumers and increases the likelihood of inaccessible content. HTML is a programming language and should be written for computers, not humans. HTML should be written to indicate what your content means and not how your content should be displayed in the browser. Semantic HTML is how you add that meaning. Join me as we discuss the importance of semantic HTML. Learn how focusing on the semantics of your HTML can make your content more accessible to a much wider audience.

UX/UI, accessibility and design (UAD)
Location Name
Convention Center — Wally Allen Ballroom BC
Intended audience
accessibility, content strategy, front-end development, programming
online, in person