Anne Hungate


Anne Hungate is the founder and CEO of Launched2Lead, a firm committed to expanding opportunities for diverse leaders in STEM fields.

She began her career as an information technology consultant, developing custom software solutions for clients in manufacturing. As she moved through the ranks of technology professionals, Anne became curious about organizing people and leading process change that could build better products, generate more satisfying customer experiences, and create healthier work environments.

Anne has held executive roles inside corporations, leading large-scale technology and transformation projects. She used this expertise to form Daring Systems, a consultancy that helps companies plan, execute, and measure strategic initiatives.

In her free time, Anne developed a program targeted at solving the leaking pipeline in STEM. Through her research, Anne identified early career as the point where women and non-binary professionals lose traction. She worked with experts in adult and distance learning to develop a revolutionary product which goes live this July.  Watch for a brand-launch in early July with a new business name!

Anne lives in Apex North Carolina with her husband, two dogs, and two college-aged daughters (when they’re around). She’s never given up on being an athlete and an artist of some sort.  You can find Anne speaking at conferences, posting stories on LinkedIn, or walking the streets of Apex with her dogs in tow.