Mina Markham

Staff Software Engineer at Salesforce


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From graphic design and women's studies programs to IBM, from non-profits to an Engineer at Slack, Mina Markham has paved a unique path in front-end development and interactive design.

Mina's interest in design systems and accessible digital experiences drove her to teach herself web development. Armed with determination and a thirst for knowledge, she delved into CSS, JavaScript and HTML, defying the notion that one must have a computer science degree to excel in the tech world. Through reading blogs, tutorials and books, attending conferences and studying other experts' work, Mina acquired invaluable knowledge. Over five years in print design and advertising, she simultaneously worked on interactive projects for freelance clients, teaching herself the skills required for each endeavor. 

Standing at a podium, with an introductory slide behind her, Markham begins a talk.

An advocate for others

These experiences helped Mina also grow as a passionate advocate for empowering others in the tech industry. She believes in paying it forward, which is why she mentors through organizations like Black Girls Code and GirlDevelopIt. she believes interactive design has the power to do good by removing barriers and facilitating actions like online voter registration and fundraising for charities.

In 2016, Mina took on an unexpected opportunity and joined one of the presidential campaigns as a senior software engineer. She became an instrumental part of the team that developed an internal design system called Pantsuit. This innovative tool caught the attention of tech enthusiasts and media alike, and Mina's work was spotlighted in prestigious publications like ForbesWIREDFast Company and Communication Arts.

Now at Slack, she created and continues managing Spacesuit, Slack's marketing design system, and has also shipped lots of other code, including a company rebrand. 

Markham speaking in front of a crowd at O'Reilly's Fluent event.

Speaking with Saas

Additionally, Mina is an active public speaker at tech conferences worldwide, sharing her experience and expertise on various topics, from design systems to CSS architecture. Her talks are known for their engaging style, spiced up with her signature humor and sass.

In her talks and activities, Mina advises aspiring designers learn how designs translate into code and collaborate closely with web developers. In her experience, such partnerships result in the best end products. As she continues to make her mark in the tech world, Mina encourages others to pursue their passions, defy expectations and embrace their own unique journey.