Monday, October 4, 2021
9:10 AM - 10:00 AM (CDT)
Lightning Talks

Write Emails People Will Read

Day Kibilds - Western University

"No one reads emails anymore." If you hear this quote often—or if you say it—I have a big surprise for you. If no one is reading your emails: it is your fault. 

I'll show you exactly how to write emails so that people not just read them, but also do what you want them to do. This applies to marketing emails you send to your audiences, internal emails to your colleagues, requests to your supervisor, etc. 

We'll talk about from & subject lines, readability, formatting, links & buttons, and a useful test you can do on your own emails to guarantee you'll get your message across.

10 Minutes To A More Secure Website

Adam Arrowood - Georgia Institute of Technology

You give me 10 minutes, and I'll give you 10 things you can do to make your site more secure!

As a Lead Information Security Engineer for Georgia Tech's Cyber Security team, I help protect the thousands of websites (yikes!) hosted on campus and in the cloud. Given our large number of sites, I've been involved in the investigation of my fair share of website compromises. This talk will cover 10 quick actions you can take to make sure your website is better protected from hackers and how to successfully recover from a website compromise if you do get hacked.

Reflecting Community vs. Creating It: A Shift to Digital Community Building Inspired by a Pandemic

Mackenzie Huber - Lawrence University

After a year of adapting our social media programs on the fly to address new community needs, it's worth reflecting on which practices we want to take with us into the future and which we want to leave behind.

After some trial and error, one practice I'll be incorporating into the Lawrence University social media strategy is intentional digital community building on our main university channels. We've tried new, simple concepts that have shifted our content from passively reflecting our community to actively creating new opportunities for connection and belonging. I'll share a few examples of ideas we've tried and how they went.

Leading Creative Brainstorms Online🧠⚡️

Ashley Budd - Cornell University

Learn Ashley’s creative framework for leading the most productive creative content brainstorm with your team online in a distributed work environment. Ashley will share the tools and tactics you need to generate buy-in, develop ideas, and build them into marketing campaigns with strong structures and nuanced content strategies.

How (and Why) To Get to Inbox Zero

Lori Packer - University of Rochester

Lori reveals her secrets for getting to Inbox Zero — and actually staying there — plus how it improved her mental health.