HighEdWeb runs on volunteer power and the invaluable support of our sponsors! From our years of experience and your feedback we’ve come up with a list of items that will help you stand out and drive engagement at your booth. Thank you!

Before Conference

  • Register for the event. This process may vary by event so check with the Sponsorship team.
  • Log into Swoogo ahead of time to make sure that your credentials work.
  • Caption videos and make any resources that you provide in your booth accessible.
  • Keep your content simple - When you’re prepping materials for your virtual booth, remember that attendees have probably been sitting in front of a screen all day, watching keynotes and breakout sessions. Use the virtual platform as an opportunity to highlight something you wouldn’t necessarily be able to showcase at an in-person event — a video, for example.
  • Promote the 2021 HighEdWeb Annual Conference event in advance on your channels.
    • Use free registration code as giveaway to clients before conference instead of another employee.
  • Find unique ways to engage with attendees. Experiences such as giveaways, swag sign up forms, and using the conference and personalized hashtags have all return positive attendee engagement. 
  • Get required booth assets to sponsors@highedweb.org by requested deadlines.
  • Review the code of conduct.

During Conference

  • Be on time. Event starts at 9 a.m. CT on both Monday, October 4 and Tuesday, October 5.
  • Chat at your booth.
  • Chat on Slack.
  • Tweet out your thoughts using the conference hashtag hashtag, #HEWEB21.
  • Be available to meet virtually.
  • Attend sessions and genuinely engage with people around those topics.
  • Identify yourself as a sponsors in your Swoogo handle, i.e. John from HighEdWeb
  • Be responsive. Make sure that your booth is staffed appropriately for the anticipated traffic. If you can not be staff your booth all day, plan on being available during key times such as the optional, product demos (Monday, Oct 4, 2:15-2:45 p.m. CT) and the “Visit Sponsor Booth” break (Tuesday, Oct 5, 2-3 p.m. CT).
  • Most importantly, be yourself. You know best how to be authentic and represent your organization.

After Conference

  • Follow up on giveaways, product demos, meetings, etc.
  • Use contact information appropriately. Authentically connect with attendees to build relationships. Don’t be spammy.
  • Share your feedback with sponsors@highedweb.org.