HighEdWeb is all about community. So when we were told folks like you want to get together for HighEdWeb 2021 Annual Conference viewing parties on Oct. 4 & 5, we said, “Well, of COURSE.”

Though these Annual Conference meetups are unofficial and unaffiliated with the HighEdWeb Association, we’d still like to offer a few thoughts about how to host and also how to attend. Scroll on down for some ideas and resources for both.

Even though these are not official HighEdWeb events, we ask that all parties adhere to the HighEdWeb Code of Conduct. If you experience or witness harassment, or have any other concerns, please contact the HighEdWeb Emergency Hotline at 339.364.3932 or complete the incident report form

So You Want to Host an #HEWeb21 Meetup

We love a good get-together. And an #HEWeb21-related gathering might take several different forms: a daytime event viewing party, a lunch-and-learn, or even an evening social meetup. Whatever the format, we’d offer a few items for consideration:

Anyone attending a viewing party should also be individually registered to attend #HEWeb21.

  • Any in-person event must follow the COVID-19 mandates of that region (e.g. mask wearing, physical distancing, etc.). We encourage health and safety best practices in all cases.
  • Gatherings should include free admittance and be not-for-profit events.
  • Establish one or two central point(s) of contact who are responsible for all aspects of the event — organization of space, technology, communication and the like.
  • Consider limiting people/attendees -- 15? 20? — as appropriate for space and resources.
  • For viewing parties, encourage attendees to have laptops and/or other mobile devices so they can log in and participate in event and backchannel conversations.

Be sure to let HighEdWeb know your event details (organizer, date, time, location, event type, RSVP info) to heweb21chairs@highedweb.org and let us know if you’d like us to publish on this page. We’re happy to spread the word!

So You Want to Attend an #HEWeb21 Meetup

Want to find a #HEWeb21 Meetup in your area? Check this space for updates on the latest happenings.