Monday, October 4, 2021
12:30 PM - 1:15 PM (CDT)

For better or worse, we’ve all adapted to life during COVID-19 (I say, as I write this at my desk in my living room cozied up in sweatpants).

But what happens afterwards? What will we do to combat fears post-pandemic? How do we continue to guide students through their anxieties? And what about all the other safety and mental health resources outside of COVID-19 that we should be communicating on campus? Yeah, I’m talking about those topics that we might have had to put on the back burner this past year.

West Virginia University’s Safety and Wellness social media accounts have played a vital role on campus – both pre-pandemic and throughout it. From crisis communications and emergency preparedness to discrimination and mental health and so much more, these accounts pull information from all areas and departments on campus to eliminate silos and serve as the central hub for safety measures and wellbeing resources.

Join me to learn how I created these accounts from the ground up – including strategy development, content gathering, and social plans – and find out how you can do the same on your own campus to better serve your community for life after the pandemic and beyond. Now more than ever, feeling safe and secure on college campuses is of utmost importance to students, their parents, employees, and our communities.