Chris Lastovicka (they/them/theirs) has worked as a web designer and developer for over fifteen years. Over time, Lastovicka began to understand the importance of web accessibility, and earned their CPACC certification from the International Association of Accessibility Professionals. Lastovicka has remediated or built accessible websites for several organizations and small businesses. Beginning in 2019, Lastovicka worked in web accessibility at Cornell University's Department of Alumni Affairs and Development, and now works in web development and support (including accessibility) in Cornell's College of Engineering. Lastovicka is VP of Education for Cornell's Big Red Toastmasters Club, and is a first-year master's student in Information Science (with a concentration in Information Management & Technology) at University at Albany (SUNY) in the College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security, and Cybersecurity.


Chris Lastovicka