Tuesday, October 5, 2021
12:15 PM - 1:00 PM (CDT)

As success stories about web personalization in higher education are becoming more plentiful - and powerful, marketing and communications departments are starting to realize what appears to be the inevitability of developing and implementing a personalization strategy. It’s no longer a luxury or a pet project of someone who wants to be on the cutting edge of marketing technology. It’s not about if you can afford it - it’s whether you can afford not to tackle it. While more tools are being developed, you have a pretty good array of options to give you the technology you need for your personalization efforts. However, one of the biggest challenges for higher education is time. With so many balls in the air, how can you find the time to create all this new content for each persona or segment of your audience? In her presentation, Kat Liendgens, CEO of Hannon Hill, will show you a number of ways to get started without feeling overwhelmed. She will show you how you can make a big impact without spending hours and hours writing targeted content. One of the examples showcased will be how you can create a personalized digital viewbook and use the information you’ve collected about your prospective student, as well as their digital body language, to deliver a superior web experience on different sections of your site.