Tuesday, October 5, 2021
4:00 PM - 4:55 PM (CDT)

In order for users (including users with disabilities) to successfully complete online forms, they need to know (a) what is being requested in the field that currently has focus, (b) whether there is supplemental help text available, and (c) whether there are errors in their submission (and if so, exactly what those errors are). Creating accessible forms is attainable using HTML, supplemented as needed with ARIA. However, the tools we're using to create forms may or may not generate forms that are properly coded for accessibility. This session will explore the output of many popular survey tools (e.g., Google Forms, Microsoft Forms, Qualtrics, Survey Monkey, Survey Gizmo), as well as modules and plugins that are commonly used for creating forms in Drupal and WordPress, all with an eye toward learning about proper coding for accessibility.