Date & Time
Thursday, June 25, 2020, 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM CDT


University libraries can be an important partner on campus for accessibility work, as they collaborate with disability service offices and provide services for users with print disabilities. At HathiTrust Digital Library, we work with over 160 libraries to provide access for their blind and print disabled users, as well as their sighted users. We've recently undertaken a fresh approach to ensuring the accessibility of our digital library platform, and in collaboration with libraries and other organizations, we are working to build new services to meet the needs of different user groups. In this presentation, I'll review how university libraries support campus disability services, share the work we've done recently at HathiTrust to improve the accessibility of our digital library, and preview other accessibility initiatives we're engaged in.

Attendees will hear about strategies for: engaging with their campus library, advocating for administrative support for accessibility work, planning large-scale accessibility improvements, and meeting the needs of different stakeholder groups.

accessibility, management/‚Äčteams, usability