About Storyblok

Institutions like the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame and Stanford Web Services use Storyblok's CMS.

They use Storyblok to create, manage and distribute content. Use cases include: web sites, mobile apps, intranet, and student/alumni networks.

Why choose Storyblok?

1. So you can create and edit content without always bugging the developers on your team to make changes. Storyblok has the most intuitive visual editor of any CMS. That's why it was the only CMS named "Customer's Choice" by Gartner in 2023.

2. So your team can finish projects faster. Here's a quote from Jon Simpson, chief architect at Education First:

"Development time for a new, global multi-lingual site is now around 8 weeks. Previously this was 4-6 months."