Zach Chastain Vice President of Partnerships, StudentBridge

With a passion for higher education and a steadfast commitment to innovative digital engagement, Zach Chastain is a distinguished professional who has dedicated the past 8 years to transforming the way universities connect with prospective students. As the Vice President of Partnerships at StudentBridge, Zach leads the charge in revolutionizing online engagement through emotionally resonant storytelling and cutting-edge content delivery strategies.

Zach's journey in the higher education sector has been marked by a trail of success, having collaborated with over 500 universities across the globe. His expertise lies in harnessing the power of digital platforms to create authentic connections with potential students, utilizing compelling narratives that not only inform but also captivate and inspire. His strategic prowess and deep understanding of the evolving landscape of education have positioned him as a sought-after thought leader in the field.

Under Zach's guidance, StudentBridge has emerged as a driving force in redefining how universities communicate their unique value propositions. By embracing innovative approaches and leveraging the latest technologies, Zach and his team have helped institutions forge meaningful relationships with future scholars, fostering a sense of belonging even before stepping foot on campus.

As a presenter, Zach Chastain's dynamic style and wealth of experience make him a compelling speaker who can inspire audiences with his insights into the transformative power of emotionally engaging storytelling in the digital age. Whether addressing industry professionals, educators, or aspiring students, Zach's presentations resonate with authenticity, leaving a lasting impact that sparks innovation and drives positive change.