I have been associated with ASU on three different occasions and for three different purposes. I first received my Bachelors in Accountancy at ASU and worked for a few years in local government serving as first a Financial Analyst preparing financial reporting. After a few years, I transitioned to a Statistical Business Analyst position in the Public Defense Services department dealing with many spreadsheet reporting which got me interested in data transformations. Specifically, the process of cleaning, transforming, and presenting data to stakeholders to inform decisions. This led me to reach back to ASU and earn my Business Analytics Masters Degree online at ASU in order to learn how to handle the scale of data that is becoming available in every business. Eventually, I was hired in my current position as a Senior Data Science Specialist in the EdPlus Department of ASU where I prepare and clean web behavior datasets to be utilized for both machine learning initiatives as well as stakeholder visualizations and reporting.