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Tuesday, October 10, 2023, 4:00 PM - 4:45 PM EDT 


A calendar is more than just a list of events and dates and venues. It's a backstage pass to life at your school. It's a living document — a story about your campus that speaks to everyone.

Most campus calendars don't feel like living documents, for lots of reasons. For one thing, a living document needs a lot of authors. On your campus there are probably dozens if not hundreds of people creating events, probably on a wide variety of platforms and products. But those events might not be finding their way to your calendar.

Fortunately, events are just data — and good software can get data from anywhere and send it everywhere. The events on your calendar might have been created in Salesforce or Presto Sports or EMS or 25Live or anywhere else. And they might show up on your college homepage, or in your email newsletter, or on digital signage, or the Chemistry Department's Facebook. Nobody should have to enter any event twice; with the right calendar and a little planning, it should all just work. A good campus calendar can bring together everything, and make it accessible everywhere, for all your audiences at once.

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