Date & Time

Tuesday, October 3, 2023, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT 


This session will focus on a successful program that has been teaching students website skills for 25 years. The model has evolved just as the profession has — from the early days being all about code, to incorporating the wide skillsets as reflected in the attendees of this conference.

It all happens through an experiential learning center named EDGE. Augustana was recently ranked No. 10 in the nation for experiential learning, with the EDGE Center as a primary driver of the ranking.

The center focuses on the large variety of skills used by HighEdWeb professionals: graphic design, code, writing, photography, video production, social media, marketing strategy, project management, customer communication and team dynamics. Then we throw in conference management just for fun.

All of this is offered to students through six "official" student groups and a variety of internships. The internships are mostly unpaid, with a mix of for credit and not-for-credit options. The six groups all offer different opportunities and some students participate in multiple ones. Three of the groups are affiliated with national organizations and three are homegrown.

Come learn about this model and find a golden nugget or two to take back to your campus.

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