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Tuesday, October 10, 2023, 8:30 AM - 9:15 AM EDT 


Are you struggling with the complexities of deciphering digital marketing ROI? Perhaps you find yourself questioning the reliability of your digital marketing agency's metrics. Or maybe you've received feedback from your admissions team about the quality of digital marketing leads.

Join us for this session where we'll explore strategies to address these concerns and pave the way for a holistic approach to maximizing your digital marketing analytics efforts.

Our discussion will include:

Meaningful Metrics: Learn how to identify and prioritize key performance indicators (KPIs) that truly matter.
The Role of Contextual Data: Understand the importance of context in interpreting your data, enabling you to make informed decisions.
Engagement Tracking: Dive deep into tracking user engagement across your website to uncover insights that can fuel your marketing efforts.
Full-Funnel Metrics: Explore the entire prospective student journey, from initial awareness to conversion and beyond.
Tracking Users Across Your Institution's Complex Web-ecosystem: Gain insights into tracking and analyzing users across your institution's public facing website(s), CRM and digital marketing landing pages.
Improve Reporting UX: Discover methods to enhance the user experience when presenting data, making it easier for stakeholders to grasp and act upon insights.

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