Date & Time

Tuesday, October 10, 2023, 4:00 PM - 4:45 PM EDT 


Instagram has evolved a lot from it's founding days as a feed-based photo sharing platform. We now have stories, reels, live and highlights to manage and explore. You need a good strategy to guide your Instagram presence and create solid growth.

As a college, the primary audiences for your Instagram are prospective students, current students and young alumni. The most important piece of your success will be how well you're delivering information that matters to this audience. How do you discover those hidden wells of knowledge? We'll review some core elements that matter to all college students and then discuss how best to solicit student input.

The presentation will then break down the different content forms, how to best optimize for these areas and strategies to manage with limited time and resources. For post content, we'll prove that photography will beat even the best graphics, and give tips on the type of photos that perform best. For reels, we'll demonstrate the power of the tool to amplify community and place in non-follower's feeds. For stories, we'll argue how the namesake of this feature is the demonstrated best way to optimize the tool. For live, we will discuss when to use the feature, and if it makes sense for you to do it at all. The presentation also addresses paid social media, and how it enhances your growth as a platform.

We'll proceed to break down our ranked top three ingredients for social media success: spirit, authenticity and quality. Each of these attributes will be examined through interactive exercises with the goal of developing a good gut for social media.

To clinch the discussion, we will share some of our best social media successes, and demonstrate how sometimes good social media gets a little messy.

Social media strategy, content and accessibility (SMS)
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marketing/​communications, social media
in person, online
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