Date & Time

Tuesday, October 3, 2023, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT 


Living on campus is a vital piece of the college experience. But with the competitive housing market and numerous other options, what would make a student want to live on campus? The answer is in a dynamic site that engages its audience and speaks directly to them.

Students are increasingly using the web to plan their college experience, which means it's becoming crucial that on-campus housing websites offer a rich, engaging experience to stand out from the crowd. Join us to hear how the University of Iowa successfully transformed its housing site into an engaging and highly effective student experience (even with no live-on requirement).

In this session, you will learn how Iowa strategically invested in the student experience by combining user testing, analytics, a team of stakeholders and content strategy to create a modern, vibrant website that speaks directly to its audience. Learn how they empowered students to find the best living option for them while also promoting a safer campus environment through a multi-pronged approach that engages both prospective and current students. This ultimately allowed them to drive traffic back to the site and created a model for what the on-campus housing website experience should be.

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content strategy, marketing/​communications, redesigns, usability, UX/UI