Date & Time

Wednesday, October 12, 2022, 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM CDT 


To make a Web site easy to build and edit, it used to be you needed a powerful server to host even the most basic of Web sites running on common CMS platforms (and for many CMSes, you still do!).  Not so anymore, there's a new game in town: static site generators.  But are static site generators new?  Not really!  Remember Dreamweaver?  That was a static site generator you could run on your desktop!  But it had a number of limitations, including that it was hard to use it with "dynamic" or "interactive" content, or easily have multiple contributors to a site.  Server based CMSes fixed that by combining serving your web site and editing your web content into one piece of software.  They've ruled the Web for at least a decade and a half.  

The confluence of the introduction or maturity of several pieces of Web technology over the past several years has once again brought the concept of static site generation to the forefront.  Its advantages over traditional CMS-server-hosted options in terms of cost, speed, and security, coupled with new ways to introduce dynamic and interactive content not available on the Web 20 years ago, have led to a proliferation of static site generation software and hosting providers custom built for them.

In this workshop we'll discuss those advantages in cost, speed and security, talk about where it works well and where it works less well, demystify the new technology built to support dynamic and interactive content in sites which are statically generated, and explain how they fit together to replace your aging CMS with new options. Or keep your existing CMS, add a static site generator, and get some of the benefits. The workshop will include hands-on deploying content built by one like Eleventy + React, or SvelteKit, on to a host like Netlify, including interactive content like forms or updated content, all completely "serverless"

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