Keynote presenter Eliz Greene, a brown-haired woman in a white blouse sitting on a plush red couch, arms crossed and on her knees.

Eliz Greene

As a higher ed professional, you’ve heard it countless times by now: “unprecedented times,” “industry-wide burnout,” “the Great Resignation.” Stress may be omnipresent in our lives, but there is more you can do than simply cope with it. 

Eliz Greene is no stranger to stress in the face of change and uncertainty. Since surviving a heart attack at age 35 while seven months pregnant with twins, Eliz has been teaching busy professionals practical job stress management techniques. She has dedicated her research and public speaking career to help others identify and assess stressors, combat the anxiety loop and cultivate resilience against both the physical and emotional impacts of stress.

All conference attendees will receive a complimentary copy of Eliz’s most recent book, “Stress-Proof Your Life: High Performance Under Pressure,” and a digital toolkit that helps you put the insights you have learned into action. 

You will also be invited to participate in a community-wide survey about stress factors impacting your job, and Eliz will share insights gleaned from the results during her keynote.

Keynote address

Resilience is a choice: Four decisions essential to weathering unrelenting stress

Based on her previous 17 years of research and recent interviews with higher education professionals, Eliz shares insights to weather the stress of crisis and change in our industry. Highly capable people are often unequipped to deal with the stress of an unsolvable situation. For them, the stress of dealing with vulnerability amplifies the stress of crisis and change.

In her keynote address as well as a three-hour post-conference workshop, Eliz will share four essential decisions to:

  • Deal with the curse of capability.
  • Get comfortable with the emotional reaction to vulnerability.
  • Focus on what is possible rather than dwelling on what is difficult.
  • Strengthen your resilience muscle.

Stress management takes more than work-life balance and mindfulness. Ultimately, resilience is a choice. We choose to move forward in the face of failure, crisis, tragedy, pain or life-altering (and business-altering) events we can’t control. Understanding your reaction to vulnerability is essential to becoming resilient, and Eliz will offer data-driven health insights and actionable exercises to help you become immune to unavoidable stress.