Monday, October 4, 2021
10:00 AM - 10:45 AM (CDT)

When internal communications fail, people notice. There’s no one at your event. Students don’t do things on time. People say, “but you never told me.”

At times like those, we might say, “Ugh. If students/faculty/whoever would just read their email….” 

We’ve all said it—or at least thought it. But what if we looked at this problem not as a problem with our audiences, but as a psychology problem? A strategy problem? A governance problem? Follow this path, and you can make real change in your internal communications.

This presentation will show you how to follow that path, by:

  • Understanding the context: You’re overwhelmed. So are your audiences. Find out how the concept of cognitive load can help you craft better communications. And learn how to gauge your audience’s communications preferences.
  • Finding your champions: You can’t follow this path alone. Learn how to find champions and companions across your school and work with them to make change.
  • Making your plan: Use what you’ve learned to choose the right channels, find the right cadence, and choose the right things to communicate
  • Playing well with others: Learn about working with and training non-communications people across campus to raise your institution’s level of practice

Internal communications can get better if you follow the right path.