My current position is IT support for Campus Operations including systems that underlies Facilities Management, Parking, Safety, Training, and Security. My previous position was to found and build the OIT Web Group that provides the tech (servers, social media) underlying all of HSC's Internet presence.

I'm involved in Makerspaces in Texas and around the world. Makerspaces are open-to-the-public spaces that are a center for experience-based learning and skill-building; there are Makerspaces (also known as "Hackerspaces") that are pushing the envelope in things like 3D printing, craft/handyman skills (woodworking/metalworking/electronics/robotics) and community building through shared projects (think barnraising).

I have a very broad range of technical skills across many different platforms and a fascination for All Things Technical including the relationship of technology to society (use of social software in politics and personal interactions). I also have a lifelong love of research, teaching and academics.