Sarah Horton is a member of the research team working on the Teaching Accessibility in the Digital Skill Set study at the Centre for Research in Inclusion, Southampton Education School, University of Southampton. Sarah began as a designer and developer in 1991 at Yale University, making instructional CD-ROMs on cardiothoracic imaging. She was an instructional technologist at Dartmouth College, helping faculty across disciplines use technology to teach. Later she worked at the institutional level, as web director at Dartmouth and then strategy lead on Harvard University’s web transformation project. As an accessibility engineer with The Paciello Group, Sarah performed design reviews and audits of websites, applications, apps, and devices, and conducted user research and usability studies. She was lead for TPG’s strategy services, providing strategic consulting to teams and organizations seeking to incorporate accessibility into culture and practice. She has worked with a broad range of companies and organizations, gaining insights into how accessibility is currently managed and manifested in our digital world. Sarah is co-author of Web Style Guide with Patrick Lynch and A Web for Everyone: Designing Accessible User Experiences with Whitney Quesenbery.


Sarah Horton